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Parawhorring Paramore

Paramore has been residing on my playlist for months now.. yeah, im just a parawhore!
I love their album Brand New Eyes.
And just this very minute, Im surfing through YouTube for their newest video The Only Exception.
I really liked the message and the story in this video.. watch watch watch!

And while still on YouTube, I found several videos of paramore wannabe covers
.. but priguitar212 is an exemption.
Watch her Playing God and Ignorance cover.. amazing and brilliant guitar player we got here.

Want to share as well Brick By Boring Brick.
My most favorite paramore video so far..
and I gotta say, Halley is gorgeous in blonde.. ba da ba ba da da ba ba!

Bumble Bee in hiding
Sun 24 Jan 10, 9:07 pm
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Eiffel: After crying for several days, I finally got this new toy!!

my new toy

Bumblebee.. yeah baby!!


Bumblebee: He’s not looking? Now’s my chance. I got to hide.

bumblebee in hiding

Bumblebee: Am I safe here? hmm.. where am I?

bumblebee in hiding

Bumblebee: Isn’t this the coolest place! I’m home!
If only Prime and the rest of the gang is here.. Oh I sooo miss them..

bumblebee in hiding

Will the daddy buy the rest of the gang?
.. to be continued (if money would allow.. haha).

For You

Geez.. I have mixed emotions when I first saw the new Naruto ending theme song (For You by AZU)
.. It’s bittersweet.
You could feel the bitterness of being left out..
.. and then the sweetness of hope of new friends, and new life.

(link for video below)


sakuranaruto n jiraiya

sasuke n orochimarutsunade

.. but some go.. and live separate ways.

separate ways

.. then hating the indescribable feeling of loneliness.. missing someone who left a hole in your heart.


mourncall me

with youalone

we may never forget the past, but we must leave it behind.. then move Forward.


Naruto New Ending Theme Song – For You (by AZU)

status update: I am Happy
Sun 17 Jan 10, 7:21 pm
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Top Words

Funny how my top words equate to:


aaand it’s intriguing how HAPPY LOVE BRAIN are my top words.
I must’ve been happy.. maybe I am – HAHAHA.

These are just mere guidelines
Sat 02 Jan 10, 2:57 am
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1. Be technically inclined.. even just a bit. (P.S. I LOVE my job).
2. Squeeze out your creative juices.. update your blog, and try to put somethin’ on your deviantart account before you forget your password.
3. Remember that Less facebook is equals to More Sleep. More Sleep is equals to Healthy Glowing Skin.
4. Don’t be an old hag. Get a kikay kit. Sometimes a little vanity is needed.
5. Modulate your soft boring voice.. sing more of Mariah.. sing like a diva.
6. Practice prudence.. ride a jeep.
7. Eat right. (should I add exercise? or perhaps a little stretching would do)
8. The best laid plans are written on a neat planner.. use them, and please mark up the bdays.
9. Communicate!! Know how to Text Back!
10. Buy a coin bank (that doesn’t have an emergeny exit).
11. Pay your bills on time.. else, there’s no such thing as 0% interest.
12. Qualms and frustrations are never-ending. But sometimes they’re good for reflection. But don’t exaggerate. And be resilient.
13. Do some household chores.
14. Needless to say, BE PUNCTUAL.

good scheme
New Year’s resolution is a ‘dynamo of volition’.. I know I might get stuck in a dilemma for ‘doing’ and ‘not doing’ them.. Aaaand procrastination might be a problem – a very huge problem here.

So just to be safe and to make it more sensible, I had to use the term ‘guidelines’ đŸ™‚

I might forget this list in the middle of the year. But whatever that we have to do, we need to do them the best we can — that’s what matters most.

The only thing I know for sure as for my so-called ‘resolution’ :

I resolve to BE GRATEFUL & HAPPY this year.

Live life to the fullest! Enjoy!

Saa Christmas

Taiga & Santa Bear

Perhaps my most favorite part in Toradora is the Christmas Eve Festival. It’s an episode of emotion overload. You could really see that Christmas is special to Taiga, as she tries to behave and turn herself from being a badass violent brat to someone who would do selfless love.

Actually, every characters tried to be good to one another, not intending and not knowing that they would all ended up hurting their ownselves..

The scene where Ryuugi visits Taiga as Santa Bear is truly, purely, deeply magical.. You could feel that it’s her happiest christmas ever! But then as she forced him to meet Minorin, and as she made the realization how she truly feels for him.. it turned out to be the most hurtful.. not enough words can explain the feeling.. aww (dabs some tissues).

And that’s the reason why I posted this, this holiday — to show the true meaning of christmas. Show the love and do something really nice to everyone whom you really cared.. love above anything else.. love before yourselves.

2009 year end special
Sun 20 Dec 09, 6:21 pm
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JANUARY: Those were the golden age.. Celebrating New Year with class & style

New Year Special

FEBUARY: Being the loveless freak that I am, I’ve eaten someone else’s heart


MARCH: I want to be like her.. and so I went to a Korean salon

(and since then my hair has been rebellious)


APRIL: Spent Earth Day.. at the mouth of a volcano

Pinatubo Earth Day

MAY: Durian!!!


JUNE: My Birthday Breakfast Feast

My Birthday Breakfast Feast

JULY: July is for July Babies (but this photo was taken 2 yrs ago.. quite my favorite)

July Babies

AUGUST: Celebrate life & love.. at the park

Sister's bday at the park

SEPTEMBER: Boracay/Ondoy Experience

Boracay Ondoy

OCTOBER: Recession/Depression/Frustration.. tsk tsk

tardiness galore

NOVEMBER: A depressed scary mask

depressed scary mask

DECEMBER: Recycled decors (photo taken last’s exactly the same as now)

recycled xmas tree

And I’m planning to recycle the xmas gifts as well.. hahaha. Anyhoo, I made this post to appreciate the year that was. I am always complaining on my boring life, but hmmm, looking back on those pictures I would say that it has been quite memorable.

Yes, there had been bad times for me. But I haven’t overlooked the good times that happened to me.

Though I’m on recession, I still got the chance to dine at fancy restos.
Though I’m stress at work, I still got the chance to fly out of town to unwind.
Though I hate work, I still got the chance to get a different job.
Though I’m frustrated, I still got friends and families (& laptop for facebooking) to keep me away from being an emotional freak!

I would say, that I am proud that I survived (not being infected by swine flu) 2009!!

Though life might be the same again in 2010 (especially by Febuary where I’ll be dateless as usual.. not that I’m complaining), I’ll be more optimistic – hoping that it’ll be better, brighter, and bigger year for me..
Note to self:
‘Don’t miss out too much in life”. Enjoy! Cheers!